Our Story
Investment Strategy
Weston Presidio invests in leading lower middle market growth companies with proven and invested management teams. The Firm focuses on management teams and companies that can weather economic volatility, have shown consistent historical growth and have significant future growth prospects. It also seeks companies with leading trade or consumer brands that attract highly loyal, recurring customers. The Firm’s goal is to build and realize value through growth and operating improvements.

Industry Focus
Weston Presidio targets the consumer, industrial growth and business services sectors where it has a long track record of generating attractive investment returns and can leverage its vast experience and network of industry executives and deal sources.

Partners With Management
The strength of the management team is the most important consideration in our investment decision. We seek exceptionally motivated managers who have demonstrated the skills, commitment and discipline to build a successful company.

Investment Size
Investments by Weston Presidio typically range in size from $10 million to $50 million. Much larger investments can be structured through direct participation by our limited partners who have combined assets in excess of several billion dollars.

Transaction Type
Our Firm focuses its investment activities on lower middle market growth companies, including growth financings, recapitalizations and management-led buyouts. We have particular expertise in closely-held and family-controlled businesses and in investing in minority, non-control positions.